The Importance of Google Reviews and Online Reputation Management

Now that you may know a bit more about content marketing, it’s time to tackle SEO. Managing the marketing of your business may have become significantly more complicated and more intrinsically linked to your online presence, but these changes in how the market operates also present a huge number of opportunities to the industrious and creative business owner. To a large extent, Google is a gateway for your business’ ongoing success, and that’s why it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to tracking your reviews and analyzing the metrics you’ll find through the search engine giant. The many benefits of getting Google reviews help Google ranking for local SEO while leveling the playing field for businesses so that even mom-and-pop operations without a marketing budget boost their credibility with customers. Here’s some reasons why.

Reviews Can Serve as a Major Component of Your Marketing Outreach

There’s nothing like quality testimonials when you’re looking to promote the value of your product or service, and Google reviews provide you with the resources you need without ever having to reach out to customers directly. While there’s a lot you can do to promote your business’ reputation, a third party can always help to tip the scales significantly in your favor. 88% of buying decisions are made after the customer has referred to reviews, while 63% of customers say that a site offering customers will influence their decision to make a purchase from that business.

Reviews Can Help You Adapt to the Needs of Your Customers

First impressions can mean a lot, but they aren’t the sole determinant factor in how your relationship with your clients shape up. If you’re looking for a barometer for how your company is doing in the public eye, Google reviews are one of the best options available to you. You can use it as a metric for how you need to improve, and you get significant feedback without having to reach out to customers directly. Best of all, Google reviews allow you to respond to reviews, so you can perform positive outreach directly through the platform, giving you the opportunity to improve your credibility and fix the issues.

Improving Your Search Engine Optimization

The SEO level of your content plays an important role in how easily your customers can find you, and Google relies on more than just the nature of your business when determining how to list their results. The reputation of your business can make the difference between popping up as the first entry on a list or being buried beneath pages of content. Both the average star level and the volume of your ratings have a significant effect on how Google determines your site’s relevance.


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How Important Are Customer Reviews For Online Marketing?

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