How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur While Living with Depression

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding success as an entrepreneur. Some people believe that all you need is the right idea. Others claim that you must have a certain personality. They say that you need to be positive, energetic, driven, and bla bla bla.

All this talk can make it seem like there isn’t a place in the entrepreneurial world for somebody suffering from depression. Nothing could be further than the truth. Elon Musk, Kate Spade, and Ben Huh are just a few famous entrepreneurs that have revealed struggling with mental illnesses. If you struggle with depression, here’s how you can succeed as an entrepreneur.

Find Balance

Many people that suffer from depression struggle not because they don’t work hard, but rather because they work too hard. They throw themselves into a project and forget to take care of themselves. In the long run this causes them to burn out and become disappointed with themselves. To keep this from happening, you need to find a balance. Work hard when you’re at work, but when you’re not, you need to be taking care of yourself. Get sleep, eat well, and socialize. These activities may not seem like they are going to get your company off the ground, but they can do a lot for you in the long run.

You may want to take some medication. There is no shame in this. Mental illness should receive treatment just like a physical illness. You can even try a natural solution. Natural supplements such as CBD can help users find relief from anxiety.

Know Your Limits

If you are suffering from depression, you need to know your triggers. What things can trigger a low period. What are the signs of an oncoming low? When you can feel your depression mounting you need to stop and address it. Too many people just try to grit their teeth and push forward. This is not the correct way to address depression. In fact, it can lead to making the depression worse. If you address it immediately, you can resolve things more quickly and move forward faster. Getting therapy can be very beneficial. Depression can make it difficult to carry on with normal, everyday tasks, so knowing your limits and getting help to identify these limits is essential.

Find a Good Team

It’s ok to admit that you need help in life. For an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you admit that you need help. You can’t build a business on your own. Most venture capital firms won’t even listen to you if you don’t have a partner. When you build your team, look for people that can help you get through the hard times. Make sure that they bring the skills you need. Don’t blindly take volunteers. Vet them thoroughly.

Having depression is nothing to be ashamed of. You shouldn’t hide from it. Address it and do what you can to improve your mental health. Don’t let it run your life and prevent you from achieving your potential. Greatness is not accomplished in an absence of difficulty, greatness is achieved in spite of difficulty.

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