How to Take Care of Your Health While Running a Business

The fact that you can set your own hours while running your own business is both a blessing and a curse. The truth is that you can work 24 hours a day while working for yourself and nobody can stop you — and some days, you may not want to stop. The only person who’s going to fight for your time and protect your health is you, and you need to make your health a priority for the long-term welfare of your business. Fortunately, when it comes to self-care, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated:

Get Enough Sleep

Not only does your body need rest, but your business needs you to be rested as well. When you’re exhausted, your memory is faulty, your decision-making powers can be less effective, and your creativity can be curtailed. You’re more likely to feel sluggish and may develop more serious conditions. Being chronically exhausted is hard on your heart, immune system, waistline, and sex life. You can foster good sleeping habits by setting a stopping time and sticking to it. Turn off screens and move things, like televisions and tablets, out of your bedroom. Most importantly, move your phone to another room to charge so that you can deal with it when you’ve gotten some rest.

Drink Enough Water

Being chronically dehydrated can impact how you feel right now as well as your health in the future and the quality of your work. Thirsty people are grumpy. They get headaches, feel tired, get hungry faster and can’t concentrate. Remember, your body needs plenty of plain water just to keep your physical systems going. If you’re not getting enough hydration, your body will get suffer. Without enough water, it will try to conserve energy, making you feel sleepy. It can also make your skin drier and more prone to wrinkles. Take a water bottle with when you walk the dog, go to the gym or run errands. Before you start the next task, build a habit of draining that water bottle and filling it again as soon as you can.

Take Advantage of Telemedicine

The tools you have that make it possible to run a virtual meeting can also help you visit the doctor. Schedule a telemedicine appointment from the comfort of your own home. Make notes of your symptoms when they occur, then schedule a conversation with a health professional. Nurse advice lines have more to offer than just impersonal advice; they can give you personalized care.

Yes, you’re working hard, and the payoff for your invested efforts will be great. However, if you wreck your health now, you won’t be able to enjoy that payoff. So get some rest, drink plenty of water, and talk to your doctor about maintaining your health before you crash.

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