How to Make Your Ads More Enjoyable for Your Customers

Creating the perfect advertisement is like a tightrope walk. People have grown disgusted with seeing constant ads around them—especially when they interrupt programming that they like. As an advertiser, you still need to inform them about your product. You need to develop an entertaining marketing strategy that will keep customers from skipping your ads.

Make Them Fun

Fun advertisements can make people intrigued by your product in the first few seconds. You may portray a weird situation that spurs the conversation about your product. You might ask a weird question that keeps them guessing. Funny commercials can stick in your audience’s head.

Talk with your advertising team and get them to think creatively about your company’s products. Hold an in-house competition between employees. Your top three commercial ideas could then be expounded upon. Hold test audiences to gauge interest in the product. Find out a relevant sponsor that could speak on behalf of your product. Fun commercials will keep your audience interested long-term.

Incentivize Interaction

No matter what your advertisement is, you should have an action item that gets the viewer to want to do something. If your company is a subscription service, add a QR code that could take them to the website. At the very least add a URL.

You could also offer coupons or special deals to drive traffic to your website. You can sponsor content sessions with audio ads to reward your customers for interacting with your ad. Free trials can also motivate people who aren’t convinced about your business to give it a shot.

Stay Concise

People want to be entertained constantly. If your advertisement does not say a lot of great things in a little amount of time, it is unlikely people will focus long enough on what you are saying. Concision is becoming a more important attribute for marketing. If your advertisement is a minute long or more online, you should find a way to cut it down. Most likely, people will be more annoyed with a longer advertisement unless it is extremely entertaining or unique. Staying concise will not only show that you value people’s time, but it is better for business.

As you work through your marketing goals, focus on these three points: entertainment, action, and concision. These three will instruct people why they should care about your product, and entertain them while not taking away time from the content they want to watch. Your advertisements can become more effective and give you more money.

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