How Direct Mail Marketing Benefits E-Businesses

It takes a lot for any new business, whether it is brick and mortar or online, to acquire new customers. Once you amass those customers, it’s often more economical to retain their business than risk losing them and having to acquire new leads to replace them. For online businesses, it takes a lot of effort to stand out from the rest of the crowd and keep in touch with your customers when there isn’t a physical location they can visit regularly. One way to communicate is to use direct mail marketing to supplement your digital outreach.

Making Your Business Stand Out

Direct mail outreach offers you an opportunity to provide a personalized touch to your customer that doesn’t get lost in junk emails. Whether this is in the form of a handwritten thank-you note or a special discount, direct mail provides you with the ability to humanize your online business and add a human element. One great way to let your customers know that you appreciate their business is to send out communications celebrating milestones, such as birthdays or anniversaries. These communications can also offer discounts if applicable. However, most people will just feel appreciated from knowing that someone else is thinking of them which may ultimately contribute to increased customer loyalty and retention.

Fraud Protection

Sending direct mail to a physical address is a great backup way to double-check account authenticity and do identity verification for fraud protection. According to this source, vacation rental services can use direct mail marketing to verify new listings before they go live, providing a level of protection for themselves and their customers against fraudulent listings. This can be done by sending a postcard or letter containing a unique identifying code that the recipient must then enter as an address verification measure before his or her listing goes live.

Tracking the Cost-Effectiveness of Various Marketing Tactics

Compared to online and other digital outreach, such as text messaging, direct mail still has one of the highest response rates, according to this source. One way to track your direct mail ROI is to offer customers promotional codes or other discounts only transmitted via direct mail.

Even in the digital space, direct mail is still relevant for reaching your customers and helping retain their loyalty. Unlike text messages or emails, direct mail has a higher probability of being looked at or kept, especially when the piece is done in a personalized manner, such as featuring a handwritten note. The next time you want to reward existing customers or conduct address verification for short-term rentals and more, try out a direct mail approach to supplement your ongoing operations.

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