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A Gladiator’s Tale

Here’s the thing, I never, and I mean NEVER even thought I could or would want to be an entrepreneur. Why? Because for what?! So much work…. I just wanted to make a decent living at a “stable job” and be happy coming home to my family. I feel like I used to be Theo…

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I Used to Be Homeless

I don’t usually share stories like this but I thought it was finally time I told my story. I USED TO BE HOMELESS! Wow! I never thought I would write those words. And I most certainly never thought it would be true, or that I would be homeless with a small child, in a new…

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Outsourcing: Things you should be delegating to a Virtual Assistant

I get it you’re busy, I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a small business and a paper route!  But WHY are you so busy all the time? You started a business to have MORE freedom, I know I did. Everyone has heard that the key to running a business and having that freedom is outsourcing. Don’t know what the…

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