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how small businesses depend on every single person

How Small Businesses Depend On Every Single Person To Succeed

If you run a business in today’s world, you face challenges like no other time in history. And it can seem overwhelming. It is crucial that you have the right tactics to make sure that your team is coherent and productive. Here is why your business depends on every single person to succeed in your…

4 big little mistakes small business owners make

4 Big Little Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make

If you run a small business, it can be overwhelming. You might be confused as to which direction to go next to avoid making common mistakes. Luckily, if you avoid a few major pitfalls you can set yourself up for much more success down the line. Here are four of the biggest mistakes to avoid…

what every new business should know about content marketing

What Every New Business Should Know About Content Marketing

New businesses need ways to promote themselves on a limited budget. Content marketing can help. As the cornerstone of practically any marketing strategy, content can accomplish many things, from spreading brand awareness to creating lifelong customers. However, startups often discover that success with content marketing rarely comes either automatically or instantly. Here’s what you need…

how to achieve work life balance

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance Without Sacrificing Productivity

Did you know that most American workers don’t take all their vacation days? In a productivity-driven culture, we often forget that we have lives outside of work. Most people fear losing their jobs, but not everyone fears having a lack of work-life balance in their job. This imbalance can have potentially devastating effects. Focusing all…

4 tips for starting on amazon

4 Tips For Starting Out On Amazon

Selling goods online has become a mainstream way to sell your product without maintaining a storefront, or in addition to selling things in person. The Amazon marketplace is an excellent and reliable way to get your products out there, but keep in mind that it’s not easy and you’ll have to dedicate time and effort…

how to expand your small biz internationally

How to Expand Your Small Business Internationally

Every business person has a dream of expanding his or her business to reach more customers from all corners of the world. A businessperson should grab the all the available opportunities in various regions. Today, the internet allows investors to research and look for potential customers across the world on their devices. Nowadays, people are…

4 cost saving tips to starting your biz right

4 Cost Saving Tips For Starting Your Business Off Right

No matter the size of your business, it should make you feel proud. You should never be ashamed of humble beginnings because that’s what will take you to where you want to go. You don’t need to have a lot of money or go into debt to start a business. With a few vital cost-saving…

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VA vs. OBM: 3 Signs You Should Hire Help

As the weather changes and you start getting excited for your spring and/or-summer vacation, the potentially scary question rears it’s head… “Is it time to hire help?” Taking time away from your business can be tough to finagle when it’s just you, even if you have a small team. So here are 3 tell tale…

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How to Get and Keep Clients using Email Automation

It’s a tale as old as time, well as old as email marketing. Everyone used to love to hear that “You Got Mail” recording; so much so, they were giving their email out willy nilly to anyone. But alas, times have changed and now people are guarding their emails like you asked for their social…

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Employee Appreciation: How to Motivate and Retain Team Members

Small business owners know that their livelihood depends on employee productivity, and motivation is a game whose rules are constantly changing. Pay incentives get people in the door, and the threat of being fired will get them to consistently achieve minimum expectations, but you need more out of them than that! If you want people…

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It’s Been 10 Years!

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Today marks a decade since I have kept a real live human alive. My son turned 10 years old today. That’s worth celebrating even more so if you know me! Color me shocked when during what should have been a routine prenatal visit I had a conversation that…


Kick Start Your Virtual Assistant Career

So many people have been asking how they can become a VA. I wanted to share how I got my start and a few basics on how you can too. My days as a VA consist of normal mama chores; waking up the first grader and getting him fed, dressed, and out the door for…

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