It’s Quit Day!

5 years ago with a brand new baby and a kid starting kindergarten, I said buh-bye to cubicle life and hello to being a work from home mom.

Little did I know, within 6 months I would go from freelancer to full fledged entrepreneur.

Today I celebrate not only my Quit Day, but the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. And me realizing that it was time to stop only going after those things I knew I would excel at and take some risks. As the saying goes “With great risks come great rewards”.

Today, I’m the owner of two businesses and help other small business owners from Seattle to Switzerland turn down the crazy and turn up the productivity with my services.

I also help other women just like me, find their Virtual Assistant niche and start profitable and stable businesses of their own.

When I think of where I’ve come from, a homeless woman struggling to make it and figure out my place in this world, I know I’ve got even bigger things ahead!

If you’re interested in how I can help you in your business, give me a holler and tell me your problems… I can handle it!

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