4 WordPress Plugins that You Need for Your Business Website

Businesses around the world know how important it is to have a strong online presence, which starts with your business website. One way you can offer online users an efficient site is to use the right plugins. The following are four plugins for WordPress users you might want to consider.


Those who want to learn more about their visitors and how they interact with the site should consider installing the MonsterInsights plugin. This plugin works alongside Google Analytics, giving you all the details you might need to optimize your website. Keep in mind that creating a site that caters to your visitors ends up giving you a more effective money-making site. MonsterInsights claims that it is easy to set up, gives Ecommerce tracking, ad tracking, real time stats, performance analytics, and more!


Business owners who need to sell items from their site will need a tool that will facilitate all transactions related to online sales. One of the most effective WordPress plugins to take care of this for you is the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce developers explain, “integrating Woocommerce to your other platforms is one of the simplest ways you can increase your company’s ROI and speed up critical business workflows. It virtually eliminates the need for manual data entry, as well as duplication errors and erroneous entries. It automates large portions of your business processes, which increases both efficiency and data accuracy.” Also, it does not take long to install this plugin, and your customers are going to appreciate how easy the transactions will be after installing this plugin.


Security is a significant aspect that you have to worry about nowadays because all sorts of malware and other malicious programs are out there attempting to steal information from your business. Your customers are counting on you to keep their data safe and may turn on you if you are unable to do so. As a business owner, you know how hard it can be to regain customers’ trust. Sucuri is an excellent plugin that can help protect your site from the problems many business sites have to worry about. The experts at Usability Geek caution, “One common misconception about website security is that only high-traffic, popular websites are targeted. From my experience with my clients, I can assure you that this is absolutely not true. On the contrary, the likelihood is that popular websites have a team of experts behind them who ensure that security precautions are in place. Thus, hackers would need craftier hacking skills that need to be carried out by a human. Sure, the prize is more lucrative – but the effort to hack big sites is greater.”


You can take steps to keep your site and all data within your site safe, but that does not mean you will be successful. Should something happen to your site, you are going to need a backup system to help you recover all the data you might have lost. This is where the BackupBuddy plugin comes in because it can help restore all of your information so that you can rebuild your site once again after a cyber attack or after data is corrupted.

These are just some of the WordPress plugins that you can download to help you run your online business a little smoother. Be sure to consider all of these and any others that you might need as your business grows.

If you need some help with your business, make sure to get in contact with us! We can help your business go from a hard to organize mess into a well oiled machine that you barely need to interact with!

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