It’s Small Business Week!

May 1-7 is small business week and in honor of that, I want to share some of the small businesses I know of/support. I hope you will consider them if ever you are in need of their particular products/services.

In looking for businesses I could share with you, I noticed something… Many people who are just starting and some who’ve been in business a while have overlooked something crucial. Though I may know you run a business and I may even know exactly what you do and whom you serve… I don’t know how to get in touch. Sure I can send a private message on your facebook profile, but where can I find out about your business? It’s not in the about section, it’s not on google or easily found in a facebook search. I would like to leave the business owners with one tip- MAKE YOUR BUSINESS EASY TO FIND AND CONTACT.  You don’t need to have a snazzy webiste, create a facebook page and link it to your profile in the work section; or create a LinkedIn page, please! The community cannot support what we cannot find.

Now here are a few businesses I want to highlight. Disclaimer: Nepotism in FULL effect.

1. My husband, Chandler, runs a fishing lure company called Limit Lures. He makes handcrafted fishing lures. They are custom made to order and hand painted, all by Chandler in our home. As you know Father’s Day is coming. Check out Limit Lures for the angler in your life! You can find him on Facebook and Ebay!
2. Want to visit the happiest place on Earth? Shelley Davis has all your Disney needs covered with Magicial  Mements Vacations. Check her out when you’re planning your next trip. Remember, there is no cost to you when using a travel consultant!
3. One of the first people to ever really “get me”, but turns out she just gets everyone, was my aunt Carolyn Hatley, who happens to be a real estate genius! If you’re moving in or out of the DFW area you cannot go wrong with Hatley & Associates Realty for buying/selling or leasing your home!
4. Health and Beauty
  • My homie from way back in the day, Scarlett Chambers and her brother can do hair and makeup for your special event, they own Beauty Chambers in Dallas!
  • Maritza Baez is not only a MD in Buffalo, NY; she also sells organic makeup and skincare products by Pangea
  • Sharana Cook has what all the girls love, an effortless, but flawless manicure with her Jamberry products
  • If you want to take care of what’s inside too, Charlotte Holloway, who just happens to be the best mom I’ve ever had, is your lady for all things Herbal Life. Get your shakes, viatmins and supplements from her.
  • My cousin Natosha Overstreet is your go-to gal to get that weight off with IT WORKS! products so contact her for that if you’re feeling jiggly 🙂
Now if you like things that go jiggle in the night-no judgement, My  sorority sister Brandy aka Honey Coco Bordeaux is a burlesque performer, model and owner of Burbon and Bordeaux Entertainment. She wants to fill your life with pretty girls and vintage cocktails. Every third Thursday you can find her at Red Light Lounge in Dallas hosting vintage cocktail hour. Amazing drinks and a burlesque show to boot…It’s Amazing and a really good time. Check her out to see where she will be for a night of fun!
FOOD- I’m a big foodie so I had to let you know about my faves (besides my hubbies cooking):
Our good friends Kendon and Davetta Greene just opened their store front but have been slinging Top 5 BBQ for quite a while now. Grand Opening was this week at 209 E Pleasant Run Rd in  DeSoto, TX. Yes, they cater so check them out!
And for your sweet tooth: I have TWO awesome sorority sisters who bake their butts off. 
  • Christy Broady owns The Little Things and can handle your invitations and your cakes in the Slidell, LA area
  • Kristen Parks has cakes and cookies in the St. Petersburg Florida area with Culinary Nerd Cakes. Talk about two people I wish were closer!
Then we have my old roomate from college Nicki Robinson who is making a wonderful difference in lives of young women. She provides group coaching through an empowerment program for young girls and teens and will soon offer 1:1 coaching. Check out her program Girls in Flight out of Houston.
Man, this should have been a series! I know so many amazing entrepreneurs.
Speaking of Coaches:
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a few of my loyal clients who are business coaches
  • For Branding and Strategic business moves contact the SWAGinista extraordinaire Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux of SWAG Strategy.
  • If your issue is getting your name out there and visibility contact Jackie Kotei who knows a thing or three about PR, marketing and online visibilty.
  • And one of my friends and mentors Amanda Goldman Petri runs Coach with Amanda. She is a genius when it comes to marketing and technology!

Speaking of Technology, TeeDee Davis in Sugarland, TX is doing BIG things. This chick is IT to help you get your web and graphic design LIFE. Check out Latitude Solutions, you can thank me later.

Finally, there’s me… If you’re reading this, you probably already know, I run a Virtual Administrative company called VA Gladiator. I help my clients overcome overwhelm. Like the gladiators form the insanely popular show Scandal, I give my clients peace of mind in knowing some of their least favorite tasks ‘are handled.’

I am a virtual assistant with expertise in:
 ✅email marketing
 ✅client concierge services
 ✅systems creation, and
 ✅administrative and launch support services.
My goal is to assist in the growth others’ businesses, particularly small businesses.

If I forgot you, please charge it to my head and not my heart and share your biz in the comments!