Hi I'm Lana Johnson, Your VA Gladiator!

My job is to support you remotely, from my location, to manage the marketing, administrative and organizational/system building tasks which overwhelm you most.


Somthing you should know...

I’m no nonsense, period. I’m going to tell it like it is. If your books are a mess, if you need to rein in your volunteers, or you need a marketing overhaul, It’s my job to say, THIS IS A HOT MESS but that’s ok, I’m here, and it’s handled! You're stressed, you're overwhelmed, I got this; let me take it off your plate so you can focus on your passion, your business, your purpose.

Here's My Story...

Working as a VA opened a whole new world for me in terms of my purpose. I had been helping my husband run a small e-commerce business for years and suddenly I realized, there are so many more people who only want to do what they’re passionate about. The administrative, the policy and procedure creation, the marketing and customer relations… You know all the stuff you kind of HAVE to do if you want your biz to thrive… THAT’S MY SWEET SPOT!! One day as I sat in a fraternal conference and listened to updates from the attendees, one woman said she was starting a fraternal tips and tools publication. It peaked my interest and I wanted to know more, but since I really didn't have room on my plate for another hobby, I filed it in the recesses of my mind.

I was married with a son and another on the way and working full time, not to mention my volunteer work. Fast forward to me being 6 months pregnant, in a new home and thinking, I’d love to stay home and work but my company, recently absorbed was small minded and didn't view telecommuting as a viable option.

So one day I come across a Facebook posting from that same woman from the conference looking for help with her publication. I emailed her that day with my cover letter and resume for a VA position splitting time between The Greek weak and Virtual Assistant Amanda. That's when I learned all about the VA world. Then and there I knew two things, this was my way to work from home, while doing what I loved, saving people from the overwhelm that is sure to follow starting and running a business or small organization!

Up until then I had been giving away ALL of my time as a volunteer for FOUR different organizations. Clearly, I had something to offer but I didn’t see just how valuable it was. That’s when it occurred to me one day while discussing an issue I was helping a friend with. I’m like Olivia Pope from Scandal, I’m a GLADIATOR. I come in (In my white hat, ‘cause I look cute in a hat) many times find people working in chaotic disarray; I roll up my sleeves and get to work. It puts a sparkle in my eye to rewrite policy, structure meetings to be more productive, and to organize chaos! I love being asked the status of a task and being able to say It’s Handled!

Amanda Goldman-Petri Amanda Goldman-Petri, Coach with Amanda

"Lana is my go-to gal and I couldn't run my business without her. From administration and management all the way to social media and email marketing, Lana handles it all with professionalism..."

Still not sure if you need a VA?

Everyone has heard that the key to running a business and having that freedom is outsourcing. Don't know what the heck you should outsource? I've compiled a list of several things you should be giving to a Virtual Assistant. But first here is how to tell if you should consider getting a task off your plate to make room for other things:

-If you hate to do it-do you dread invoicing your clients every week? Outsource it!

-If you don't have time for it- did you decide to post to your blog weekly but you are up in the wee hours of the morning just to make your deadline? Outsource it!

-If you have no clue how to do it- do you love the cute memes and graphics you see all over Instagram and facebook but have no idea how to make them? Outsource it!

You get the point, you're smart. So the following is by no means exhaustive but are just a few things you should definitely give to a VA:



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