Are you feeling overwhelmed?

It’s time that you get support!

Do any of these sound like you:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by everything on your plate
  • Unsure of how to get everything accomplished on time
  • Feeling unorganized and need a system in place to help
  • Confused by all the technology options out there
  • Getting behind in your marketing

Every business needs help so that they can continue to increase their productivity and ultimately their revenue.

That's exactly what VA Gladiator is here for!

I'm Lana, your VA Gladiator!

Let my team support you virtually so that your business can be taken to the next level!

Hi, I’m Lana and I work with fabulous business owners that are feeling overwhelmed and need help. I step in and assist them with day to day tasks they are either too busy for, or are unsure of how to do them. Many companies don’t realize that in order for them to grow, they need to outsource some of their workload. So...if there’s something you hate doing daily, or you simply don’t have time for it anymore, let VA Gladiator help!

How can I help? These are my most popular packages.

VA Gladiator trial package

Experience the expertise of a specialist, the ease of a virtual assistant...Sign up for 8 hours* of customized digital services with VA Gladiator — for just $349.

This is a trial offer — no strings attached, plenty of options, and personalized service!

When you sign up, we’ll decide together what services suit your business needs.

*Due to popular demand, start dates will vary.

Click below to learn more...

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It’s Handled! Virtual Summit Package

This Package takes the task out of tech and puts the emphasis on building your list — affordable and hassle-free, it’s ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

A business free gift or opt-in offer may not be 100% successful on its own in reaching prospects or strengthening current relationships. Live or pre-recorded summits and an email funnel can help you attract, engage and convert prospects to customers.

The It’s Handled! package from VA Gladiator takes the hassle out of the process — and lets you focus on growing your business!

Get more info about this limited time offer below.

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What Do Clients Say About VA Gladiator?

Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux, Founder Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux, Founder, SWAG Strategy Solutions

Lana's not just a VA. She's an entrepreneur, so she really understands entrepreneurs. She's been a big asset to my business. If you have the chance to work with her, do not hesitate, she may not always be available!

David Quach, National Secretary David Quach, National Secretary, Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity

Lana will instantly increase your productivity, I have no problems recommending her.

You have put off getting assistance for your business for far too long! See how your business can benefit from a Virtual Assistant today!

Trust us, you will be SO happy you did!

Grab 8 hours right now 8 hours and see how effective and helpful having a VA really is!

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